Smart? phone…Addiction

What is it about the smartphone?  Why have we all become so hooked on this device?  Where does it end?  What is the future?  Tech Explorer Steven Lee investigates these questions and more in a fascinating interview with Dr. David Greenfield, a world class expert on addictions and human behavior, particularly technology addiction.

Watch the Video:

Dr. Greenfield states that the “hit” you get when you see something you like on your smartphone is the same hit that you get when using a slot machine. The feeling can be incredibly addictive in the same way that hardcore drugs work.

Basically, the human body releases a “hit” of dopamine to the brain, which is the same thing that happens in any highly addictive human behavior. This explains why many people can simply not stop interacting with their smartphones throughout the day. The addiction is just too great. What’s amazing is that smartphone technology is only a little over five years old. No one seems to know yet, the full affects of this addictive technology on us as humans. Adults have learned to adapt to this technology, teenagers love it and have totally assimilated smartphones into their daily lives, and babies and toddlers who are new to this world will totally grow up and be “one” with all of this technology. There is simply no turning back.

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