A good portion of society has adopted a smartphone life, although many people question just how smart it all is. This video says it all, going viral this past August. More than likely, a lot of viewers saw a bit of themselves in these scenes.

Originally released in August, 2013, “I Forgot My iPhone” rings true (pun intended) for many people. There is no escaping it…Many of us are completely addicted to the technology of our smartphones, with no end in sight. At Tech Explosion, we shot and produced a story on Smartphone Addiction, interviewing Dr. David Greenfield about this very topic. In fact, most of us are so addicted, that a wide range of companies and entrepreneurs are scrambling to make it even easier to feed your smartphone addiction with new, wearable devices to stay connected. Apple is rumored to be feverishly working on their version of a “smart watch”. Google already has introduced “Google Glass”. Samsung is marketing it’s Galaxy Note and Galaxy Gear. You can choose to stay connected with the “Pebble Watch”. This will not end until we all have implanted technology to stay connected! Don’t laugh…It’s coming!

The only problem with all of these technologies, in my opinion, is that they are still a bit too “geeky”. The average person, particularly women, will not go for this “wearable technology” until it looks really cool and fashionable, or until the norms of society at large deem it to be hip. At some point, the majority of people will adopt this wearable technology and overcome their reservations about it’s “geekyness” due to their addiction to the technology. Right now, a number of small companies have introduced ways of simply wearing your iPhone right on your wrist. Again, this is a precursor to a more integrated, fully wearable device that most of us will all adopt at some point. Then, the next generation of devices will be literally implanted in us, with a minor surgical procedure. This will become as common as plastic surgery. If you doubt this, just think, decades ago, would someone have thought that over a quarter-million U.S. women would get breast implants each year?

The smartphone as we know it is just over five years old! Thanks to the brilliant innovation of the iPhone by Steve Jobs, we can now find any information we want, at any time, almost anywhere. We use a myriad of apps, chosen from over one million available choices. This watershed moment in tech advancement, Steve Job’s invention of the iPhone, has literally changed society in such a rapid way, that we can not even fully comprehend the changes taking place. We are so immersed in using this new technology, that there is no time to truly study and reflect on the affects of it’s use, and overuse. 

Stay tuned!

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