Steve Jobs’ Vision

This YouTube video is really worth watching if you can take a bit of time, 20 minutes or so. It’s a clip from an older PBS special titled “Entrepreneurs”. The segment shows an amazing inside look at Steve Jobs shortly after he was ousted from Apple, the company Jobs started with Steve Wozniak! Thanks, once again, to my son, John H. Meyer, for sending this clip my way.

After Apple’s board of directors pushed him out, Steve Jobs went on to start NeXT Computing, along with a number of developers that he encouraged to leave from Apple. This amazing team helped start the Mac, and Jobs brought them together to make the “next” big thing. It’s interesting just how many people he recruited (“stole”) from Apple! But hey, they kicked him out of his own company, and, as the saying goes, “All’s fair in love and war”, and business as well, I guess.

The most fascinating part of this video, is that, towards the end, Steve Jobs talks about using his skills to change the world. He speaks of starting with a small “seed” that then blossoms to become this thing that “changes the world”. What’s amazing is that Steve is referring to the creation of the Apple II computer, and seeing a classroom full of kids using the Apple II. He wonders how the lives of these kids will be changed with the use of this new “tool”, saying that he did not grow up with anything like this amazing new computer.

What’s truly prophetic, is how Steve Jobs was referring to the Apple II changing the lives of these kids, yet Steve’s later innovations, the iPod, iPhone, iPad and the later versions of the Mac Computer have truly changed the entire world and all of modern human society. Especially in the last 5 years or so, since the introduction of the iPhone, literally everything has changed…and it all started with Steve Jobs and his innovations. Then changes made by the entrepreneurs and companies that have further added value to what he created, either by creating apps to add value to the iPhone or iPad. Also, by copying outright, the endless numbers of tablets that have tried to duplicate what Steve and Apple created after Jobs came back to Apple and totally reinvented the company.

It’s a truly amazing look at how Steve Jobs thought at the time, how he worked with his employees and how he was clearly a fiercely determined leader with a vision to change the world.

Change the world, he has.

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