Here is Michael Bay, a top Hollywood Director, who completely breaks down in front of a HUGE audience gathered to check out the latest TECHNOLOGY! This event, in which Michael Bay was hired by Samsung, was meant to promote Samsung’s newest flat-screen TVs.

So here is the perfect example of our over-reliance on technology. We have all become so accustomed to relying on our GPS for directions, our computers for any information we want, etc., that we forget that technology can fail. Actually, what likely happened in this case, is that the teleprompter operator may have slipped up, or it’s possible that Mr. Bay read ahead of his “script”. The fact that he has a written “script” and needs to read from a teleprompter in the first place is the true problem here.

Let’s face it, most people are not too comfortable with public speaking. However, if you are a top Hollywood Director, and it’s your job to get a perfect performance from your actors, I think you ought to be able to speak about a subject that you care about. If you expect a perfect performance from your actors, what about your “performance”? Anyway, Mr. Bay turned almost immediately to the technology of his Twitter feed, to tell his followers how embarrassed he was that he screwed up!

samsungSamsung obviously hired Michael Bay to get up in front of the audience and say things like: “I’m a Director, and it’s important to me that my films be viewed in the best way possible….Therefore, go out and buy a new high-tech Samsung screen to view my films!” If he can’t convey this simple message without reading directly, word for word, then he just should not have signed up to speak at this event. I do feel sorry for him to some extent, but all he had to do was be ready to ad-lib, and just talk!

Again, it goes back to our core over-reliance on technology for everything, more and more, as further evidenced by the latest technologies being introduced at the very event Mr. Bay was brought in to speak at, The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CESAt this years CES, there are an endless number of new, amazing, high-tech devices that will improve our lives. There are self-driving cars, new versions of “goggles” or glasses with displays, similar to Google Glass, that will make us all one step closer to cyborgs, there are new screens, new home automation systems, etc. The problem with all of this new technology is that, we still have to be prepared to exist without them, should there be a problem with them. Otherwise we are doomed to become enslaved by the very technologies we are introducing in order to make our lives better.

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