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GoogleCheck out today’s viral video: Google’s new self-driving car. Google’s longterm project to create self-driving cars is a huge effort. For the past few years, Google has worked with several existing car models and retrofitted them with the equipment necessary to make them autonomous. They have driven tens of thousands of miles with no issues. Now, they’ve taken a crack at creating a car of their own from the ground up. This project is so cool, there aren’t enough descriptive words I could use to describe it!

GOOGLE VIDEO: “A First Drive”

Courtesy: Google

This video is great because it points out the lifestyle change that is possible when you no longer have to worry about keeping your eyes on the road. In fact, Google should experiment with a model where the car has seats facing each other. Then passengers could just hang out and talk. Just think of what you could get done if you weren’t actually driving?

google car

One of Google’s Early Retrofit Self Drivers

How awesome is it that Google has taken on this mission to literally change the world? It’s easy to complain about companies that get so huge and make so much money that they don’t know what to do with their billions. In this case, Google is investing an enormous amount of money towards this longterm goal. It is a truly honorable mission that can save lives and transform society in many ways. The potential exists for driverless cars to save lives, save money, save fuel, reduce stress, eliminate auto accidents, reduce fatalities and injuries, drastically reduce traffic and enable new freedoms for people who can’t drive.

road memorialJust look along the highway the next time you are driving and see the impromptu memorials to drivers who have killed themselves in a car crash. Maybe they were distracted, maybe they fell asleep, maybe they were texting, drunk, blinded by the sun, sneezed, going too fast, avoiding another driver….Who knows? The reason for their crash doesn’t matter. The fact is that they are gone.

bad crash

Crash No More! Humans STINK at driving.

Approximately 25,000 – 33,000 people are killed in the United States each year due to car accidents. To put that into perspective (but in no way diminish their loss) during the entire 20 years of the Vietnam war, 58,000 American soldiers were killed. Interesting numbers when you really try to grasp it.

So, if we could fast-track to a point in a few years where we start to see self-driving cars, the number of roadway deaths should plummet. Then, think about the insurance implications. Imagine the massive drop in insurance claims once we have a majority of cars being computer controlled. Obviously there are thousands upon thousands of serious car accidents that do not result in fatalities. They do, however, cause billions of dollars each year in insurance claims to replace the vehicles themselves and to cover the huge medical bills for those injured. That’s not to mention the serious injuries caused by car crashes and the impact that those injuries have on people’s lives.

Let’s hope that this technology gets truly refined and begins to take hold in the marketplace. As Google’s video shows, the elderly could gain renewed independence, blind people could go wherever they want to, and passengers would avoid the frustration and stress of driving altogether.

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