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Boys and Girls Coming Together = Viral Marketing

Coke is no joke! In a super-clever marketing ploy, Coke has created a viral YouTube campaign based on a new bottle cap and a very well-shot YouTube video. It’s the Tech Explosion meets bubbly sugar water, creating million$ in free publicity for Coke. The campaign is an amazing combination of creative marketing, engineering the new caps, and having the guts to try it.

The new caps, called “Friendly Twist” caps, encourage new college freshman to find “mates” with matching caps so they can open and drink their sodas. In a word: “Genuis!” In the video, a Coke-branded refrigerator is placed in an area where students will congregate together. The Cokes are apparently free, no charge. The catch is, they are being recorded for a viral video promotion.

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Coke Only Opens When Caps “Mate” With Each Other

Maybe it’s me, but I just can’t help thinking about how ingenious it is to show college students randomly “hooking-up” with coke caps that seem to be mating as they come together, twist, and then possibly spray a bit of Coke out of their bottles. Whoever dreamed this up is a true marketing mastermind. The sexual innuendo is as thick and syrupy as the Coke itself.

Coke’s “Friendly Twist” YouTube Campaign:

Viral Video Marketing that’s Paying Off for Coke….So Far

This type of clever viral marketing can pay off big time for advertisers. Of course, there can always be a backlash, as the public can be very fickle. It’s a risky, fine line that advertisers take in attempting to make something go viral. If the public feels that they are being taken advantage of in any way, there can be an immediate viral backlash against the campaign.

McD logo

McDonalds Had an Epic #Hashtag Fail

A “worst case scenario” happened in 2012, when McDonalds decided to create a Twitter #hashtag campaign that went virally wrong. McDonalds executives were hoping customers would post touching stories of what McDonalds meant to people when they were growing up, or maybe talking about how McD’s was a place for a first date. Instead, they were grossly embarrassed by a viral revolt that went mainly negative.


McDonalds Mega-Mistake! #Hashtag Viral Marketing Can Backfire

The #McDstories hashtag suddenly had hundreds of posts that are a corporation’s nightmare. People mentioned throwing up at McDonalds, former employees wrote about dropping burgers and rewrapping them for sale, and the list goes on. This episode is now being studied on college campuses, in marketing classes, as an example of what not to do.


Painfully Negative Tweets Went Viral, Hurting McDonalds.

In this case, with Coke’s Friendly Twist campaign, over 1 million people have decided to go out of their way to watch a long commercial, instead of skipping past it, like most of us do when watching TV.

Coke glass

Million$ in Free Viral Publicity

Let’s face it, the fact that we are writing about this, and the fact that you are reading about this, is even more free publicity for Coke. This new world of creative viral marketing is the way to go for major corporations. Since the advent of the Tech Explosion, traditional advertising methods have been diluted. The big three networks no longer have the viewership that they used to and ads online are good, but must be carefully targeted.

Years ago, a major corporation like Coca-Cola would spend a ton of money making a slick commercial and then just buy commercial time slots during the most popular network TV shows. Not any more.

So, at the same time that the Tech Explosion has caused traditional advertising to wane, it has created a potential boon to companies that are creative enough to think of something that can go viral. Again, in this case, people online are actually taking the time to watch an extended commercial for its entertainment value.


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