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Apple “Inside WWDC!”

The Locked Doors About to be Opened.

The Locked Doors About to be Opened.

Keynote attendees just got in a short while ago. Here, the doors are still locked, prior to their being opened to the masses who waited all night on the street.

An unbelievable amount of preparation goes into this, both by Apple and the attendees, who plan all year to make it to this important event.

There’s a lot riding on it for everybody. For Developers, it’s a chance to reinvigorate their business with the newest source code, incorporating the latest iOS features into their apps.

The doors will open soon.

The waiting is almost over.









"Inside! Finally!"

“Inside! Finally!”

Finally, attendees have been let in, being directed to the auditorium. The massive convention center will soon fill up. 5,000 developers lucky enough to get a ticket are ready.

The mad rush to get in begins. Waiting all night is definitely an event. Media coverage picks up in the hours before the doors open up.

Very few other corporate events garner the attention that Apple’ s WWDC gets. The buzz alone that surrounds the event amounts to literally millions of dollars in free advertising for Apple.








"The Keynote!"

“The Keynote!”

Inside the auditorium. Everyone waits for the start. The Keynote will begin shortly along with thousands of Tweets, e-mails and updates to an endless number of blogs, websites and feeds, all reporting on what Apple is announcing.

Inside the auditorium. Everyone waits for the start. The Keynote will begin shortly along with thousands of Tweets, e-mails and updates to an endless number of blogs, websites and feeds, all reporting on what Apple is announcing.

What other company has a following such as this? Do thousands of people wait with baited breathe for anyone else?

When is the last time you heard a buzz about what Microsoft was announcing?






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Apple “Overnight Camp!”

Apple "Overnight Campers"

Apple “Overnight Campers”

As of 11:00PM (Pacific Time) Sunday, June 1st, approximately 40 people are camped out overnight, holding spots to gain access to the Keynote Address at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Many people bring air mattresses, blankets, food and of course their MacBook Pro, iPads and iPhones. Some in the crowd just bring a good quality folding chair, which local stores such as Walgreens do a brisk business selling. A good number of entrants simply buy a chair for $20-$30 to sit in overnight and then simply leave it behind. Knowing this, a grassroots effort has sprung up in San Francisco to collect the discarded chairs and donate them. It’s all part of the circus-like atmosphere that takes over each year during the first week in June.


Moscone Center in San Francisco: Decorated by Apple

Moscone Center in San Francisco: Decorated by Apple

App Developers from all over the world are congregating in San Francisco right now, in an annual ritual for those who have made App Development their lifeblood.

Tickets to Apple’s highly-coveted 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) went on sale months ago. In one of the most obvious signs of the Tech Explosion, the tickets, as always, sold out super fast; five thousand tickets sold in under 2 hours.

For those who can not attend, Apple will be live-streaming the event. The annual pilgrimage has started already, with the line forming early this afternoon. Fortunately, the weather on this sunny Sunday is accommodating for an outdoor overnight stay. John H. Meyer, a 19-Year old already-seasoned App Developer, is at the head of the line, number#1, ready to wait all day and all night for a coveted spot at the Keynote Address. John has figured out exactly how to time his entry into the conference so he gets a “front and center” seat each year.


John H. Meyer, left,  at the Head of the Line at Apple's WWDC, with a Friend.

John H. Meyer at the Head of the Line at Apple’s WWDC

The WWDC is the annual Apple event that is a “must-attend” for serious App Developers. Apple releases its latest code in beta form, makes important announcements on new products and its latest iOS.

apple logo

Nobody Does It Like Apple

For an App Developer, making the pilgrimage to San Francisco the first week in June is something of a right of passage. The event never ceases to amaze and it always brings a big boost to Developers who want to create and publish cutting-edge apps.

As we just reported last week, John H. Meyer just released his latest app called Fresco, a new way to get your news. Mr. Meyer is truly passionate about app development and would not miss the conference for anything. Mr. Meyer has been creating and publishing apps since the age of 13, as we previously reported in our piece 16-Year Old App Developer.

Fresco Stickers

Fresco Stickers

Hopefully, with the press in attendance, Mr. Meyer’s efforts to be first in line will go a long way towards him getting attention for Fresco. He even went out of the way to design and print 500 stickers to hand out and spread the word about his revolutionary new app. Mr. Meyer has spent several months creating Fresco and hopes that it quickly builds a large user base.

Fresco is designed to be an elegant, streamlined way to get your news, through the use of stunning photographs. So, essentially, Mr. Meyer has not only created a new app, he has created a new company, requiring a staff of people to help publish news items each day in order to keep the content fresh.

Apple Overnight

Apple Overnight

John H. Meyer, at age 19, has made the “pilgrimage” to the WWDC every year since 2011, the year that was Steve Jobs’ last appearance as the Keynote Speaker before his passing. John has managed to earn enough money, writing apps, to pay for his own plane ticket, hotel and expenses in order to reap the benefits of attending the conference each year since.

This is the first year John has made it to the number#1 position in line. In years past, there was always one other guy, at least, who made it there first. Now, even “Cult of Mac” is reporting on John being at the head of the line!


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