If you take a look at Apple’s latest ad campaign, you will see a not-so-subtle vision of Apple’s future plans for us all to become “one with our devices”. It’s the next step in our society’s total transformation via technology.



Try and count the many ways that Apple shows off this vision in this ad for the iPhone 5S, titled “Strength”. Yes, this is an ad for the iPhone 5S, but it is really designed to set the stage for Apple’s iWatch, or other wearable devices that it is feverishly working on. In the ad, you see people working out, helped by various tracking apps and devices, but you can almost “smell” the desire of a wearable. The people in the ad are managing to use apps to track their progress, but they have the phone sitting on the floor, or they juggle the phone between reps of weightlifting. The very last shot is a shot of two runners, with a woman wearing a glowing iPhone 5S on her arm.

A Glowing "Wearable" iPhone 5S: A look to the Future

A Glowing “Wearable” iPhone 5S: A look to the Future

Apple includes a link on their YouTube page where you can explore the apps that are shown in the add. By the way, in a real throwback, Apple uses music from a John F. Kennedy-era fitness campaign called “Chicken Fat”.

More than likely, Apple will announce the iWatch in September. Apple has a long history of making major product announcements in September, after the summer doldrums are over, timed to prime the public for a huge holiday selling season. It’s all designed to improve our lives, but at the same time will make us more and more addicted to devices.

We all know the power of a brand. Think Coke, McDonalds, Kleenex, and of course, Apple. The dominating force behind Apple and its products for many years has been consistently high quality (mostly), but mainly Apple is known for breaking new ground. Think about it. Apple has been responsible for a vast amount of the technological change that has taken place, especially over the past 5-7 years. Under the direction of Steve Jobs, Apple completely changed publishing in the 1980’s. But Steve Jobs had a lot more up his sleeves.

Apple, has since then, entirely transformed the music business, movie business, and TV business with iTunes. This lead to many other copycat services like Netflix, Google, Amazon and others. Then Apple transformed the phone business and opened a “Pandora’s Box” of technological advancement with the iPhone. Now there are millions of apps and we are every day, more and more hooked on our smartphones. Need a taxi? Uber App. Want a pizza? Dominos App. Dinner? Yelp App. Am I fat? Fit Band App.

Next, of course, Apple further transformed publishing, the newspaper industry, magazines and more, with the introduction of the iPad. Now, between the iPad and iPhone, we are totally connected and addicted to these devices.


Since Steve Jobs passed away several years ago, many people have wondered what will be the next big thing for Apple. The iWatch has been rumored for many years. Along the way, Google has created “Glass”, its super-high-tech glasses that the public is not quite ready for (but soon). FitBit, Samsung, Garmin and others have all created wearable monitors and watches.

Obviously Apple is heading in this direction, but they want to make sure that they get it exactly right. If you are old enough, you will remember a very famous TV ad for Paul Masson Wines with legendary Actor and Director Orson Welles. In this ad, Welles has a famous tagline that states: “We will sell no wine before its time”. Internally, I believe that is Apple’s mantra. They will sell no wearable before its time; before it is perfect, cool and infinitely marketable.

If you were born after 1979, you can have a laugh at that old Paul Masson ad. That famous tagline was recited for years in reference to anyone wanting to spend the time to get something done in truly the right way.


The “cheese factor” of that ad is so hilarious, but the message is clear. Apple wants to get it right. Trust me, there is an army of Apple Engineers, Designers, Coders and Marketers all working 24/7 to launch the next big thing.

I have a very strong feeling that the $3.2 billion dollars that Apple spent to buy Beats Electronics and their “cool factor” has a lot to do with this. Whatever iWatch or other wearable device that Apple launches will probably be Beats-branded in some way. It’s got to be perfect, it’s got to be functional, and most of all it’s got to be cool to be marketable.

Stay tuned.

The complete “Chicken Fat” song on YouTube, Courtesy Robert Preston:

My how society has changed in 40+ years!

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