The ADT Pulse Home Security App

The ADT Pulse Home Security App

ADT Pulse logoIt seems we are all using our smartphones for pretty much everything now. We order food, call up a taxi, text, e-mail, take pictures, etc, etc. The Tech Explosion has brought us an endless number of ways to make life easier using our smartphones.

It also seems that no matter how much technology we use, our lives seem to be busier than ever. We are often on the road or away from home. Families have varying schedules with kids often arriving home alone before Mom and Dad.

Why not make life easier and more secure with a great new app and security system from ADT? The ADT Pulse® Remote Home Security System and its app for iPhone and Android can simplify your life and create a much more secure environment for you and your family.


The ADT Pulse® Home Security System with Smartphone App


The ADT Pulse App Brings Full Home Control to Your Smartphone

The ADT Pulse App Brings Full Home Control to Your Smartphone

With the ADT Pulse® app on your smartphone, you can check in on your house via a live video stream, turn lights on and off, adjust your heating and cooling system and even arm and disarm your ADT Security System. What better way to secure your family than this? The confidence you will have in being able to check in on your home at any time is absolutely priceless.

The ADT Pulse® system is a comprehensive security, home monitoring and control system that is professionally installed and is fully expandable. Upgrading to ADT Pulse® helps protect your family and manage your home. It’s more than home security – it’s remote home security, climate control, lighting automation, and video surveillance capability accessible anywhere, anytime from a smart phone, laptop or iPad.


Upgrading to ADT Pulse®

The ADT Pulse® system is so advanced, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Being able to adjust your heating and cooling system is an amazing benefit that will pay for itself in energy savings over time. Imagine how great it is to be able to adjust your thermostat while you are out of the house, and bring it right to your desired temperature before you return. Controlling the ADT Pulse® system is fairly straightforward and once you use it a few times you will be able to work it like a pro.


Tutorial on Controlling The ADT Pulse® Home Security System


ADT Pulse® allows you to view real-time secure video of your home or business from your computer, smartphone or tablet. It’s easy to learn how to use your system to view live video from your security cameras and how to schedule video clips to record when the front or back door opens. With ADT Pulse® remote video surveillance solutions, you can protect your home like never before.


ADT Pulse® Real-Time Secure Video


As you can see, being able to visually check in on your home at any time can offer you great peace of mind. Now you can see who is coming and going, whether the kids are home yet, even make sure the front door is closed and locked. It’s truly the next best thing to being there in person.

You can even set customized text and e-mail alerts with ADT Pulse®. Would you like to be notified when your child arrives home from school or when the dog walker arrives? It’s easy to learn how to customize your remote home security system to send you text messages or email alerts when certain events happen or don’t happen at home. ADT Pulse® customized remote notifications help provide 24/7 peace of mind, by helping to keep you connected and protected.

Setting Customized Text and E-mail Alerts with The ADT Pulse® System


Summertime can bring us away from home for extended periods of time. We all love to get away for a day, a weekend or an extended vacation. The benefits of the ADT Pulse® system during a vacation can not be overstated. It’s during a vacation that you often worry and wonder what exactly is happening at your home. Now, you can stop worrying and have the benefit of full peace of mind while you are away.

The end of summer can make parents feel a little sad, but getting the kids back to school can have its benefits! ADT Pulse® can streamline this time of year with features that put you back in control. Receive email and text alerts when the kids arrive home after school, check in during the day with real-time video monitoring, arm and disarm your security system and control lights, small appliances and thermostats—all with the touch of an app. To learn more, visit


Ease Back to School with ADT Pulse®

ADT Pulse




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