Thank goodness this did not lead to a real tech “explosion”! In this VIRAL TODAY! video, we see two planes get way too close to each other.


Video Courtesy Aerobarcelona


This video comes courtesy of Aerobarcelona and has gone viral today. This definitely does not help people who are already afraid of flying! Or maybe it does…Positioned correctly, it could be said that a problem occurred and that, in the end, a crash was avoided.

The truth is, this video begs the question…How on earth does something like this happen? You can see the tower right there, with all of its sophisticated electronics and (supposedly) professional Air Traffic Controllers on duty. It’s just crazy that s near-miss like this can happen in today’s world of the Tech Explosion.

In this incident, obviously somebody in the tower screwed up or there was some type of miscommunication. The descending plane has been on it’s approach for probably 10-20 minutes, then has to perform what’s called a “go-around”, where the approach to land is aborted and the pilot has to take an immediate evasive maneuver to “lift-off” again. The plane goes around and then lines up to be next to land.

I have to say, amazing photography by whoever captured this incident.

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