#PutInJail! Put Putin In Jail Now.

From a technology standpoint, it’s become immediately obvious that Putin and Russian-backed separatists are fully responsible for the downing of the Malaysian Airlines jet. This has caused a tidal wave of online posts calling for action against the Russian leader. Many people have created Twitter hashtags, including #PutInJail! and a number of others.

Video Shows Russian-made Missile Launcher Heading to the Russian Border


Putin must bear the ultimate responsibility for this horrible act. The fact is that the red-loving president has been caught red-handed. The international community must come together immediately to punish Russia and Putin in the most severe manner possible.

Unfortunately, Europe is so dependent on Russia for energy and business dealings that governments around the world are too afraid to rock the boat. These same governments will have to deal with the consequences unless they take action now.

The Tech Explosion has made it unbelievably easy to quickly build a case against Putin and Russia. Phone calls have been intercepted from the Russian-backed rebels. A cellphone video shows the Russian-made and Russian-provided missile launcher attempting to sneak back across the Russian border. I guarantee you that we have satellite images of the Russian equipment traveling from Russia to the Ukraine and back again.

Intercepted Phone Call Between Russian and Rebel

Phone Call is Proof of Russian Involvement

The key question is, will President Obama and the rest of the world finally stand up to the Hitler of 2014? Let’s hope so. President Obama seems hell-bent on attending an endless number of fundraisers, including a photo-op at a burger joint. He attended a fundraiser immediately after the crash and continues to do so today. President Obama, please stand up and lead the world.

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