Change your passwords TODAY!

hack3Russian hackers have obtained the personal information of over 1.2 billion people. That’s BILLION!!! With a capital B! It’s the downside of the Tech Explosion – our increasing reliance on everything tech makes our lives much easier, yet leads to an increased vulnerability – until someone invents a new way to combat this issue.

If you’ve been thinking of updating your passwords on you banking, credit card, e-mail and other sites, today would be the day to do it. We all know that the whole password thing is a royal pain in the ass. The biggest problem is that some sites have quirky little restrictions on either the number of characters, or whether the password must have numbers or special characters. This, of course, means that none of us can manage to have the same exact password for all of our logins. This leads us to go temporarily insane, trying to remember what iteration of our favorite password is stored on each site.

hack1It would be great if there was a push for some type of “password reform”, where websites could all agree on the same set of guidelines as to what number or type of characters are allowed to be used.

This latest hacking incident appears to be the greatest number of accounts hacked by any one group, at one time. Experts are strongly recommending that you change passwords TODAY for the most sensitive sites you use. For now, it seems like the 1.2 billion records stolen are being used to send people massive amounts of SPAM e-mail. Who knows exactly how much of your personal information has been stolen, so it’s best to take time today and create a new password, or passwords, that you will remember without going nuts!

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