New Service RENTS  Lego Sets!

PleyThe Tech Explosion strikes again! Online ordering, fast shipping and personalized distribution is allowing parents a great way to keep their construction-loving kids engaged. A new service called Pley! is renting Lego sets to kids and keeping them occupied with new sets to build each month. This is an awesome way to keep kids busy, building and inspired. For most kids who love Legos, the fun is in the building. Once a set is built, kids can definitely have fun playing with their finished creation. However, many kids get bored quickly and just want to build another set. For parents, that means a huge expense. Anyone that has shopped for Lego sets recently, knows that even smaller sets can be $25.00 or more. Medium-sized sets can get in the $75.00 – $100.00 range, and larger advanced sets can be priced at $100.00 – $200.00 and up. These prices can definitely break the bank for many families. Enter: Pley!

Check out Pley!

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Pley PageJPGWhen you visit Pley! at pley.com, you can start a FREE trial membership that ships your child a Lego set that they get to choose. Basically, it’s kind of like NetFlix for Legos. Once your child receives his or her first set, they can build it and play with it as long as they wish. As soon as they get bored and they want to build something else, they can simply pack up that set and ship it back using a pre-paid return mailing label. You simply place the return label on the same box that the set came in, and mail the package back pre-paid! It’s that simple. If you like, just remember that the U.S. Postal Service picks up packages from your home for free as long as they are pre-paid. So, you don’t even have to make a trip to the Post Office to ship your set back.

Pley PlaneJPGThe Lego sets come to you in a mesh bag, totally washed and sanitized of any germs from the previous user. The idea with renting Lego sets is to keep kids busy and interested in building. What’s interesting with Pley! is that there is always the possibility of a previous user losing one or two pieces, and mistakenly sending the set back with a piece missing. Pley! has thought of this issue. If a set arrives to your child with a part missing, you or your child can go to the Pley! website and report which piece is missing. You then have the option of continuing to build that set or send it back right away for a replacement. If a piece is missing, kids are encouraged to try and temporarily use a matching piece that they might have in their own “arsenal” of Legos that they own. Otherwise, again, you can always just send the set back for a replacement, or a totally new set.

Pley! offers three different subscription “levels”. Parents and kids can choose either small, medium or large sets at three different price levels. The pricing levels are at $15.00 per month for small sets, $25.00 per month for medium sets, and $39.00 per month for large sets. The first set is absolutely free to try out! As long as you return the free trial set in 15 days, you pay nothing. So, you have nothing to lose! At the very least, try a set for free. Your child gets to choose and build a Lego set and if you like the whole concept, just send that set back and you’ll get another set to build in about a week.

In our experience, there were one or two missing pieces in our first set. Our son Henry quickly found identical pieces to use within his own Lego stash and was still able to easily build the set. Henry then went to the Pley! website and reported the missing pieces. In a few days, he returned that set (keeping his own pieces) and was sent another set a few days after they received the first set back. Henry started with small sets, but he is looking to upgrade to the large sets soon. As parents, my wife and I wanted to make sure Henry was happy with the service before committing to the subscription at the large-set level. Henry has now built and sent back his fourth set, and he seems to love building with Pley!.  So, we have decided that it’s time to “go large” and we are upgrading to the $39.00 level. Henry can now pick from very large and elaborate sets. What a great way to make sure that there’s no cries of “I’m bored!” this summer.

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