Williams’ Daughter Leaves Twitter “For a Good Long Time”

ZeldaIn a heartbreaking example of the negative side of the Tech Explosion, Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda Williams, has left Twitter “for a good long time”.

A series of vicious tweets lead Zelda to send one last “sign-off” tweet before quitting the service. It’s the dark side of the internet and our newly-found connectivity with the world.

Fortunately, Zelda Williams has since received many tweets and messages of support from fans. She is an actress herself, at age 25. The series of negative tweets were so horrible, however, that it was just too much for Zelda to take.

Imagine her shock, after just losing her father, seeing vicious tweets poking fun at the whole scenario. The heartless Twitter users were eventually taken off the service, but not before causing great aguish.

Zelda TweetJPG


This type of incident happens more than you might think. It’s the fine line between America’s ideals of free speech, clashing with the new, widespread use of Facebook, Twitter, Insatgram, etc. The somewhat anonymous nature of a bully on Twitter allows a new type of abuse not seen before. By having a large public audience, a person with bad intentions can cause great harm to an innocent person.

This is the vicious tweet, sent by a foolish, mean-spirited bully:

Vicious TweetJPG

WilliamsUnfortunately these tweets were sent along with photoshopped images showing a body with the face of Robin Williams added. This was really the hardest part for Zelda to deal with. It was just too much. The only good thing to come of this, is that it has lead to many people offering words of support for Zelda and the rest of her family.

The issue of online verbal abuse is a big one that has to be dealt with. Only recently has Twitter added an easy to use reporting system for users to report inappropriate tweets. Now, users can quickly report abuse, and in this case it worked. Many people reported the negative tweets and the content was taken down relatively quickly.

It’s up to the public to help police things online and quickly react to heartless idiots that are out to hurt others for no reason.

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