CNBCFresco, the new news startup, is continuing to create a buzz within the mainstream media. The 19-year old founder of FrescoNews, John H. Meyer, appeared yesterday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, live at 8:40AM. Mr. Meyer is presently being courted by numerous other media outlets for appearances as we write this piece. For us, it’s doubly ironic that we write a news piece about the news making news.

Fresco ScreenshotJPGThe average person may not be too familiar with “Squawk Box”, but to the business and financial world, this show is big. Not to mention, the 8:40AM timeslot is a big deal too. That hour is certainly not what the average person would consider to be “primetime”, but in the business world, that’s when top investors, business CEOs and financial people are watching to see what the day’s top stories are. The potential outcome of this type of exposure is enormous. FrescoNews founder John H. Meyer had a similar appearance in the fall of 2014, which lead to potential investors beating a path to his door via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. has been following John H. Meyer and FrescoNews and reporting on Mr. Meyer’s progress. In our previous piece “16 Year Old App Developer”, we visited the now 19-year old genius when he was still in high school. Our more recent posting, “Who Knew? New News” this past May, follows the early initial spark of an idea that Fresco was to John H. Meyer. It’s exciting to see the mainstream media begin to really sit up and notice the “game-changer” idea that Fresco is likely to be. We even reported on John H. Meyer’s earliest “pitch” to potential investors, at an entrepreneurial event at New York’s NYU in our piece titled “The Pitch”.

CNBC’s Squawk Box team seemed completely impressed and enamored with the 19-year old “whiz kid”, as they described him. The three person team peppered Mr. Meyer with questions about Fresco, the news business and his background. It’s pretty impressive to hear the host of a major cable television network, CNBC Co-host Joe Kernan,  ask a young 19-year old for his advice on how the cable industry can remain relevant! As you’ll see, the segment ends with a funny moment when the anchors remark on how Mr. Meyer has a bit of a refined “hipster” look and Mr. Meyer jokes that he works hard at keeping just the right amount of stubble on his face.

CNBC “Squawk Box” Segment with John H. Meyer

At, we saw the handwriting on the wall years ago. That’s why we started back in 2010. The exponential changes happening in technology are continuing to drastically alter our society. News gathering is no exception. Young people today have absolutely no interest in reading a newspaper or even watching television news. Stay tuned for more monumental change!

Take a look at our prior reporting on John H. Meyer and Fresco via the links provided. Look for more reporting as we follow the advances of Fresco.

“16 Year Old App Developer”

“Who Knew? New News”

“The Pitch”.

Editor’s note: Author and Editor John S. Meyer is the proud father of FrescoNews Founder and CEO, John H. Meyer.

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