$31,000 TIP!


The power of The Tech Explosion reveals itself yet again! In an incredible turn of events, a pizza delivery guy in Massachusetts is receiving an avalanche of support from thousands of people who saw him in an online viral video.

F&R Auto Sales

F&R Auto Sales

The deliveryman, Jarrid Tansey, who was seen being verbally abused by employees of a car dealership, never could have expected this. The $7.00 tip he was belittled into returning has multiplied over 4,000 times!

The LiveLeak Video Posting of the Now Famous $7.00 Tip

A GoFundMe.org page was set up by Amanda Marie Rogers, raising over $31,000.00 to date. The page now states that the recipient, Jarrid, has asked that the donations be stopped.

The new world of The Tech Explosion has created an environment whereby you simply better not get caught screwing up, or screwing somebody over. The employees of the car dealership in question have now received a number of threats from outraged people, with some instances of the employees’ homes being targeted in some way. The Tech Explosion has caused an incredible power to be unleashed, whereby a video can go viral, creating a visceral reaction in viewers. This often leads to outcomes of both potential support for an individual or a cause, and scorn for others. It is a new democratizing force, creating an instant judge, jury and “executioner” in the online space. It is both heartwarming and frightening at the same time. The instant and visceral reactions that this new world of media have created are something to behold, and each day brings a new cause, a new concern or a new example of someone either screwing up or doing something heroic.

The combination of being able to watch an online video such as this, with a method of instantly acting on it have completely changed our lives. In this case, the video was posted by LiveLeak, creating a visceral reaction in many viewers. Next, the GoFundMe.org page gave these viewers the ability to “right the wrong” in their own way. Additionally, the fact that the employees of the car dealership are mentioned in the press, has lead to some viewers attempting to track them down and seek some time of revenge through threats and intimidation.

Technology, in this case, has lead to the posting of an event, widespread instant distribution, visceral reactions to the posted video, an outpouring of support, employees being threatened, employees being fired and a car dealership being scorned. Now, a search of “F&R Auto Sales” on Yelp.com, shows outraged posts by numerous individuals, including images of satan and toilet bowls covered with feces.

Stay tuned for more reaction to this situation….


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