Fresco News Founder and CEO John H. Meyer has a unique take on Apple’s latest quarterly results.

Apple New LogoJohn H. Meyer has a very unique perspective on Apple’s latest record-breaking quarterly results. With revenue of over $74 billion dollars and profits of over $18 billion dollars, Apple has just broken a record for the highest revenue of any company in history. The problem with that, of course, is that now that Apple has reached this earth-shattering level of sales, people will always expect Apple to continue to out-do itself. Now, any quarter that has less than $74 billion dollars in sales will be seen as a negative!

Mr. Meyer has always been a huge fan of Apple. His apps over the years have made great use of the technology of the iPhone. Mr. Meyer was a developer as soon as Apple’s App Store became available. Now, he looks forward to changing the world of news by creating his app and platform called Fresco.

In a recent CNBC interview, 20-year old App Developer John H. Meyer was brought in as an expert about Apple, apps and the future outlook of the company. John H. Meyer, Founder and CEO of Fresco News, has been developing apps for the iphone since he was 13 years old. Now, a 20-years old Developer and Entrepreneur, Mr. Meyer is being courted by major news outlets for his expertise on technology, app development and the news business. In his opinion, Apple will have an initial slow start with the Apple Watch due to people’s hesitancy to invest in the gadget before there are a great number of apps available.

JohnH2As we have reported over the years, Mr. Meyer has dedicated his time and efforts to creating some very unique apps. In our story “16 Year-Old App Developer”, you can witness John H. Meyer in his earlier days. Mr. Meyer has always kept a finger on the pulse of technology. He has long been in the forefront of the latest trends. Now, at only 20 years old, he finds himself being courted as an expert on what “Millenials” think about technology and tech gadgets.

Recently, John H. Meyer has appeared on numerous TV shows for his expertise in technology, as well as promoting his app, Fresco.

Here is a list of links to John H. Meyer’s recent appearances:

CNBC “Fast Money” – 1/27/15

CNBC “Squawk Box LIVE” – 1/5/15

CBSN News Online – 12/22/14

NY Post – 12/26/14

CNBC “Squawk on the Street” – 9/29/2014

“Business Insider” – 9/21/2014

Mr. Meyer is gearing up to begin really promoting the Fresco App very soon, then adding the capability for individuals to sign up as contributors in the Spring.

See the latest that John H. Meyer is working on. His website is:

CNBC Fast Money LogoCNBC Squawk On The Street Logo CNBC Squawk Box Logo  CBSN Logo NY Post Logo Business Insider Logo


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