HT_water_bounce_gif_jef_150123Two scientists at The University of Rochester have created a metal surface so water repellent, that water simply bounces right off the material. The scientists, Chunlei Guo and Anatoliy Vorobyev, used a method of laser-etching to create the new miracle surface. This new surface makes Teflon coatings look downright primitive.

This is another example of tweaking technology in the Tech Explosion to create something so advanced, that the uses for this material can only be dreamed of. As more testing is done, I’m certain that numerous fantastic uses will be found that can greatly benefit people.

One potential use already being discussed is the potential to use this material as a surface on airplane wings. The repellent properties would be beneficial to prevent icing on the wings. Right now, planes need to be de-iced with chemicals prior to flights in cold climates. An ice buildup on the wings can greatly affect the ability to safely fly the plane.

A YouTube video posted about the material has logged well over 1 million views. It’s pretty cool to see water just bounce as if it were magic!

YouTube Video Courtesy of University of Rochester

The two scientists published their findings this past week in the Journal of Applied Physics.  A quick look at the posting in the journal reveals just how technically complex this new process is. It will be interesting to see the many uses for this hydrophobic material as companies begin to license the technology.

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