Ubercade LogoJPGThis past week, on President’s Day, Uber celebrated the day by offering Washington, D.C. riders the chance to coordinate multiple Uber Cars in an “Ubercade”. This offer was only available in the D.C. area. Users of Uber were notified about the offer directly. Of course, this lead to many people posting selfies and photos of their experience on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Great publicity for Uber and it likely created ridership that would not have otherwise existed. Very smart marketing, and a great use of the Tech Explosion by Uber!

Twitter user DanielJGallo showed off his Presidential ride. What a great way to see D.C.! Of course it comes without the D.C. Metro Police squad cars, the SWAT Team, armored limo, snipers, helicopter escort or Secret Service Agents. Oh well, must have been fun anyway!

Uber2Uber has been expanding at a blistering pace. In New York City, Uber is everywhere. Since this past summer, Uber has posted huge advertising billboards along major roadways that enticed potential drivers with a guarantee of between $3,000 and $5,000 per month in revenue. That guarantee has gone as high as $10,000 to new drivers who first signed up in December. This is interesting because Uber was clearly confident that it would have enough ridership to guarantee this level of revenue. That’s some pretty impressive figures for new drivers.

Uber is using technology in the most incredible way. They are providing a unique new service, creating work for drivers, and making life easier for many people. In the past, the hassle of calling a car service or taxi was usually more trouble than it was worth. So, in many cases, people would pick some other for of transportation. Now, with the convenience of Uber, users would not think twice about getting and paying for a quick ride.

The Ubercade promotion in D.C. is just another example of just how creative this company is.

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