Car BrickJPGIn an extreme case of instant karma, a crazed thief knocked himself out with his very own brick. The crook was seen caught on camera in this video that has gone viral. With the Tech Explosion leading to surveillance cameras everywhere, nothing is left to the imagination. In fact, the video clip was provided to police as proof that the perpetrator was indeed trying to break into the car.

The funny thing is, the crook apparently tried to tell police that the car owner attacked him. Once police saw the video, the real situation was made clear.

Video Courtesy of Gerard Brady via YouTube

This video is almost too funny! It’s amazing how people think they can get away with the craziest things, knowing full well that today, cameras are everywhere. Clearly this guy wasn’t thinking clearly! Maybe he knocked some sense into himself so he will avoid this behavior in the future.

This whole thing happened in Ireland, where it looks like this guy needs a dose of luck.

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