Something Sweet

CocoJet2Tech-geeks and chocolate lovers, your sweetest dreams have come true. CocoJet, 3D Systems’ Hershey’s chocolate 3-D printing machine, is the “tastiest new technology featured at at CES 2015.”

Let the sweet news melt on your mind for a minute. Mmmm, yes, there’s now a delicious machine that prints chocolate on-demand.  Imagine a MakerBot exclusively for chocolate and, wipe your lip, you’re there.

This incredible printer, which is a collaboration between 3D Systems and The Hershey Company,  will make any object in dark, milk or white chocolate.  This printer may be pricey at first but hopefully soon every choco-lover will be able to own one.  With advancements in digital technology, 3D scanning and printing are moving towards more compact and affordable units like this, making it more easily accessible to today’s consumer!

The CocoJet Chocolate 3D Printer

The CIA, Culinary Institute of America also announced a partnership with 3D Printing to give faculty and students access to the Company’s food 3D printing technology. This partnership will see 3DS and the CIA set up a series of educational collaborations surrounding 3DS’s food printing.  3D Systems has been working on a “hybrid digital kitchen.”  This collaboration will be introduce a series of conferences and seminars for members of the CIA community at their campuses.  CIA students will be able to apply for fellowships and internships at 3D’s sugar printing headquarters, The Sugar Lab in Los Angeles.  The “ChefJet” Pro 3D printer is for the professional baker, pastry chef, mixologist and restaurateur, these printers will enable the creation of custom edible geometries for every cake, cocktail and celebration! ChefJet printable materials will be available in a variety of recipes, including sugar, candy in various sweet and sour flavors, and milk chocolate.  To learn more and sign up for updates, please visit 3DSystems and the CIA.

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