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Tech Explosion: Daily updates on the real world impact of technology
…and how it affects YOUR life.

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TechExplosion.com: The Real-World Impact of Technology


Each day, technology touches our lives more and more, in both good and bad ways! Follow the Tech Explorers as they venture out to research, and report on, all aspects of technology and how technology is affecting YOU.

John S. Meyer, TechExplosion.com Creator and Editor

John S. Meyer, TechExplosion.com Creator and Editor

Tech Explosion is the brainchild of John S. Meyer. In late 2010, Mr. Meyer had the realization that technology was becoming the overriding force of change in society. “I trace it right back to Steve Jobs and his introduction of the iPhone”, Mr. Meyer states. “Right after that, everything began to change.” The change seemed incremental at first, but now seems to be like a tidal wave of innovations affecting society more and more each day.

In the six years since Apple launched the App Store, there has been a monumental shift in society. We now are totally transformed, totally addicted to our smartphones, and we do anything and everything with them.

The mission of TechExplosion.com is to explore, research and document this exponential change, bringing you in-depth reporting that doesn’t just talk about the cool gadgets, but puts everything TECH in context for you.

Sandra Meyer, TechExplosion.com Producer

Sandra Meyer, TechExplosion.com Producer

Now, John S. Meyer, along with his wife Sandra lead a team of “Tech Explorers” researching and investigating the latest in technology and it’s affects on all of us.

The Tech Explorers travel the country and the world to bring you a comprehensive look at technology in an informative and entertaining way.

That’s The Tech Explosion

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