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STUDENTS GETTING IN TROUBLE FOR “SEXTING” CHICAGO-AREA MIDDLE SCHOOLERS CHARGED WITH FELONIES. “FAKE” INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS WENT VIRAL. High school and middle school students across the country are increasingly getting themselves in trouble due to the Tech Explosion. With a technology that simply didn’t exist a few years ago, students are now running afoul of the […]

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“…FERRY SANK!”…CONNECTICUT FERRY COMPANY SENDS FERRY BOGUS TWEET In our latest example of “Not So Tweet”® tweets, officials in Connecticut confuse the public and the press with bogus tweets as part of a “test”. It’s amazing how a taxpayer funded office can engage in such foolish behavior. Once again, the easy access to Twitter gets […]

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AL ROKER SKEWERS NYC MAYOR VIA TWITTER. APOLOGIZES AFTER FOR “LOW-BLOW”. In Tech Explosion’s latest Not So Tweet® Tweet, Al Roker, arguably America’s most popular weatherman, attacked newly elected New York City Mayor, Bill DeBlasio yesterday. The reason? Snow and the fact that New York City kept its schools open during a snowstorm. Mr. Roker […]

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Not So Tweet® Coke

CHECK OUT OUR LATEST “NOT SO TWEET®” TWEET. COCA-COLA AD SPURS RACIST BACKLASH ON TWITTER. If you haven’t yet checked out our regular feature “Not So Tweet”, please have a look today…and check back often. It’s odd that technology has enabled amazing advances, yet also allows bigots and fools a “soapbox” to spew hatred to […]

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TECH EXPLOSION’S LATEST “NOT SO TWEET!’ TWEET: MSNBC APOLOGIZES FOR RACIST TWEET The President of MSNBC, Phil Griffin, was forced to apologize for a racist tweet sent by the network, by one of its staffers. The offending staffer has been fired according to the network. The apology was directed to the public, but also specifically […]

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TOP PR EXEC FIRED FOR RACIST TWEET Justine Sacco, a New York PR executive working for IAC, was fired Saturday for sending a racist tweet. “There is no excuse for the hateful statements that have been made and we condemn them unequivocally,” said a representative from IAC, which oversees some high profile brands such as OKCupid, […]

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