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TECH KILLZ! R.I.P. Super-8

Super-8 Was “IT” Way Back When… Once upon a time there was Super-8 film. It was a miracle when it was first introduced. Now it’s pretty much gone due to the Tech Explosion. In fact, my entire career was launched due to Super-8 film and a camera handed to me by my best friend’s dad. […]

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THE VIDEO RENTAL STORE, R.I.P. Once upon a time, there was Blockbuster. He was the big boy, the biggest of the video rental stores. Sadly, he grew too big, too fast and lost all of his friends. Once he was the most popular video rental store in the country. Unfortunately he was sickened by a […]

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YOUTUBE TURNS 9 YEARS OLD YouTube turned 9 years old this past week, having started on April 23, 2005 with one simple upload of a video titled “Me at the Zoo”, by one of its co-founders Jawed Karim. Within a short span of 9 years, YouTube now has millions of videos posted each month that […]

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Steve Jobs iPhone Introduction - 2007


Today marks THE MOMENT….The 7-Year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ introduction of the iPhone; what I consider to be the turning point in our embracing, adoption, love (and sometimes hate!) and addiction to technology. I may sound dramatic with that statement, and I am admittedly somewhat jaded, in that I have always been a huge fan […]

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Steve Jobs’ Vision

This YouTube video is really worth watching if you can take a bit of time, 20 minutes or so. It’s a clip from an older PBS special titled “Entrepreneurs”. The segment shows an amazing inside look at Steve Jobs shortly after he was ousted from Apple, the company Jobs started with Steve Wozniak! Thanks, once […]

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