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New Service RENTS  Lego Sets! The Tech Explosion strikes again! Online ordering, fast shipping and personalized distribution is allowing parents a great way to keep their construction-loving kids engaged. A new service called Pley! is renting Lego sets to kids and keeping them occupied with new sets to build each month. This is an awesome […]

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CHINA FIRST TO LABEL INTERNET ADDICTION A “CLINICAL DISORDER”. NEW DOCUMENTARY AT SUNDANCE. Countries the world over are dealing with internet addiction among certain segments of their populations. China may be the first country to really take this on in a more serious way. China has recently labelled internet addiction, officially, as a “clinical disorder”. […]

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Young kids today, preteen and younger, are growing up with constant access to technology that is literally advancing by the day. Kids are so immersed in technology that they will never know any other way of life. Kids today will lead the way, in just a few short years, in adopting all of the newest […]

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