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FRESCO BUZZING IN PRESS Fresco, the new news startup, is continuing to create a buzz within the mainstream media. The 19-year old founder of FrescoNews, John H. Meyer, appeared yesterday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”, live at 8:40AM. Mr. Meyer is presently being courted by numerous other media outlets for appearances as we write this piece. […]

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STUDENTS GETTING IN TROUBLE FOR “SEXTING” CHICAGO-AREA MIDDLE SCHOOLERS CHARGED WITH FELONIES. “FAKE” INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS WENT VIRAL. High school and middle school students across the country are increasingly getting themselves in trouble due to the Tech Explosion. With a technology that simply didn’t exist a few years ago, students are now running afoul of the […]

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TWO YEARS MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE If you want an idea of how quickly things can change for young people involved in technology, check out this 2 year old video from our Tech Explosion archives. This video, titled “16-year old App Developer” portrays John H. Meyer while he’s still in high school. Fast forward to […]

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