Industries and Careers KILLED by TECHNOLOGY

netflixThe Video Rental Store, R.I.P.

Once upon a time, there was Blockbuster. He was the big boy, the biggest of the video rental stores. Sadly, he grew too big, too fast and lost all of his friends. Once he was the most popular video rental store in the country. Unfortunately he was sickened by a hideous disease called “Netflix”……

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Super-8 Was “IT” Way Back When…

Kodak Super-8

Kodak Sper-8 Movie Film

Once upon a time there was Super-8 film. It was a miracle when it was first introduced. Now it’s pretty much gone due to the Tech Explosion. In fact, my entire career was launched due to Super-8 film and a camera handed to me by my best friend’s dad. “Mr. Nick”, we all called him. He was the father of my best friend, Vincent Vennitti. Mr. Nick has since passed on, along with my father. The fact that he handed us an 8-millimeter camera all those years ago completely altered the outcome of the lives of several of the boys in our group of friends. I, myself was forever taken by the “bug” of shooting movies, film and pictures. 

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